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Blessings ^^

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Fire, Breath, Water, Bad Breath, Earth, Poison Barb, Gills, Swap, Mitternacht, Greenpaw, Needs Steak Sauce, Snow, Iron, Heavy, Agile, Boil, Spark, Fire Breath, Water Breath, Ice, Fly, Lightning, Ice Beam, Teleport, Star, Morning Wake, Terra Cell, Dark Haze, Blinding Light, Thunderous Noise, Restoring Sight, Sounding, Plantlife, Spitfire, Ice Gaze, Regain, Boiling Blade, Stubborn Resistance, Fear, Yiola, Illunion, Pheonix Fire, Fog, Cross Bones 'n' Skulls, Eternal Death, Dragon Heart, Death, Death Stop, Life, Life Dissolve, Moon Crest, Wound Healer, Heal, Bond, Bush Fire, Illusion, Üaæzzöú, Contort, Contortist, Arakave, Freedom, Wolf's Bane, Inferno, Indignation, Absolute, Lava, Tidal Wave, Bind, Acidity, Greenpaw: Vine Adition, Nightmare, Meteor, Dragon Summoner, Greenpaw: Seed Adition, Empathy, Darkness, Deliverance, Silence, Spoken, Eclipse, Snare Wind, Last Hope, Blood Bond, Fake Peppermint Twist, Wreath

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