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Flaming Rose's Charrie Sheet

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Flaming Rose's Charrie Sheet

Post  StarPack on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:17 pm

Name: Flaming Rose
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf

Rank: Medical Team Captain
Origin: Mountain Territories - Fields of Dancing Light
Side: Neutral
Pack Affiliation: Cyan Nation

Description: Dual toned red fur. Lighter red takes up her main body. Has dark red markings run over her muzzle, just to her eye brows, over her cheeks, down her chest, onto her belly and undertail. Also has dark red front paws, ear tips, flame markings on the front of her back legs. Lighter red markings are shaped as a rose on her chest (for which she is named) and flames in the darker part of her front paws. She had bright Emerald green eyes, that are the only sign of her age. Flaming Rose has thick fur, from having lived in Ice Pack her whole life, her body is well trained, but of average size. She is light framed, and built as an average female normally is.
Personality: Flaming Rose is very motherly, due to her being raised by such a big family. She is very loyal to her friends and family, even those who might have hurt her before she has a hard time shunning them off in times of need. On the other side of soft motherly form however, she can be like hell fire to those that threaten her loved ones and is a ferocious warrior and not afraid to kill, though she doesn't like it. She is honest and can be blunt in many situations. Overall Flaming Rose is a very kind and friendly wolfess, unless one might tread on her in the wrong way.

Mate: Black Rain
Offspring: [Black Rain 6-14-09] Fazzle, Aster, Taboo, Ashe, Alice [Black Rain 9-23-12] Axel, Sylverant, Tethe'Alla, Corrine.
Family: Fazzle[Son], Aster[Son], Taboo[Son], Ashe[Daughter], Alice[Daughter], Sylverant[Daughter], Axel[Son], Corrine[Daughter], Tethe'Alla[Daughter]

Acquaintances: Rue, Aster, Trenee, Perun, Thorn, Hayazo, Zero, Kino, Black Rain, Axel, Sylverant, Tethe'Alla, Corrine, Xenui, Hendri, Ari, Rin
Mythicals: Cross(Red Lizard Headed Dragon)
Blessings: Lightning, Earth, Cloud, Morning Wake, Nightmare, Breath, Bubble Chair, Death, Fire Breath, Fly, Fog, Poison Barb, Rain, Teleport, Water Breath, Dragon Heart, Water, Life, Bush Fire, Swap, Tiger Lily, Dances with Demons, Ice, Bind, Tillona, Star, Mitternacht, Greenpaw, Greenpaw: Vine Edition, Terra Cell, Freedom, Dark Haze, Absolute, Heal, Wind Channel, Indignation, Meteor, Plant Life, Spitfire, Blizzard, Moon Crest, Wolf Bane, Iron, Heavy, Whirlpool, Arakave, Dragon Summoner, Wound Healer, Death Stop, Phoenix Fire, Living Force, Flame Wings, Heavy Metal, Vine Wings, Contort.
Miscellaneous: Has a black leather strap necklace, with a single icy colored jewl and black feather attached to it. Both are from her loving mate Black Rain. Is Also Bonded to BR.

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