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-Fire: The Fire blessing allows users to set flammable things alight and can be used to create small fires. It is fairly weak used on its own. It is better when teamed up with the blessing Breathe which can form Fire Breath.
-Breath: A useless blessing on its own, though with fire or water it can double up to be Fire Breath or Water Breath.
-Water: This blessing can grant you control water for a brief period of time (being able to shoot a small stream of water at an opponent or put out small fires). It is fairly weak used on it's own and it can only be used near water, anywhere else and this blessing is useless! It can be teamed up with the blessing Breath to form Water Breath.
-Bad Breath: This blessing prevents one opponent attacking for one move. A wave of stench escapes your maw and the targets are so overwhelmed by the stench of your breath, they become stunned.
-Earth: This blessing can increase your natural skills with digging. You can't dig very deep with this blessing unless you spend a very long time using it. Therefore it probably isn't very useful in a fight (unless you kick the dirt into your opponents eyes!) Cannot be used on hard or solid ground/objects.
-Flower Power: This blessing shoots flowers at the opponent and can create small bunches of flowers Can only be used on grassy areas. . It doesn't really hurt but might serve as a distraction.
-Poison Barb: This blessing creates a poison barb which can be attached to your tail or claw to aid in battle. May inflict a mild poison to the opponent after it has made contact a few times. If it goes into your own body you can be poisoned by it as well. Will appear on your body part of choice for that battle if used.
-Tiny: This blessing allows you to shrink in size, putting your character at only a 36cm (1 ft) in height. Allowing you to evade one attack. You will then you will return to size.
-Rain: This blessing gives you the power to create and control rain for a brief period of time, you can make it heavier or lighter. If an ice type blessing is used in conjunction with this then sharp hail stones will fall but will hurt all characters in that area until the rain eases up.
-Bubble Chair: This blessing allows you to make a bubble to sit in or throw at someone. It doesn't hurt but may create a distraction.
-Gills: This blessing allows the creature to survive underwater for a short period of time. Although the use of this blessing isn't tiring, the swimming may be if your character is unaccustomed to swimming. It only allows the user to breath doesn’t affect the users Swimming abilities.
-Swap: This blessing enables you to switch physical places with your opponent in battle no matter the situation.
-Mitternacht: This blessing grants you heightened senses at night. On a cloudless night at midnight using this blessing on yourself or another character can help defy the process of old age (doesn't work on mythicals). However, it is not a cure for death, it just slows down the aging process. Works best when used by someone else.
-Greenpaw: This blessing gives the ability to speed the growth of plants slightly. This makes it very useful for planting saplings around the mountain, or if you want to block off the entrance to your den.
-Vapour: This blessing gives you the ability to change into a fine mist for a very short period of time allowing you to dodge one attack
-Chameleon: This blessing changes your colour to blend in with your surroundings for a short period of time. Sneaky! However you still can be seen by sharp eyes.
-Needs Steak Sauce: This blessing makes your skin temporarily to tough to bite! It can last as long as you like however with each turn it is used it drains your energy.
-Tenderizer: The anti-blessing to Needs Steak Sauce, will negate all effects of that Blessing.
-Cloud: This blessing gives you control of the cloud movements.
-ADOS(Attention Deficit Oh Shiny!): This blessing confuses your opponent with a maddeningly compelling shiny object. This is highly likely to backfire and affect the user of the blessing too should they be looking towards it as well. They may turn more interested in the shiny object than anything else.
-Dust: Turns the area around you into dust . Can cause sneezing or irritation to eyes.
-Snow: Can form snow! Quick to melt under the sun and is Just softly and slowly going.
-Iron: Makes only the teeth or claws as strong as iron. The user can use it for as long as they want but for each turn it uses the paw tiredness amount listed.
-Heavy: Makes the target heavier and is the counter to Agile. If used on the someone who has used Agile in effect it makes them return to normal speed. If used on the a target without Agile it makes them feel heavier and slower.
-Agile: Makes the target feel lighter thus the user has increased speed for 2 turns.
-Boil: Heats water up to boiling temperature instantly. Can only be used on water.
-Infest: Large amounts of fleas swarm the target. Can be very distracting with having to resist the urge to itch with the fleas biting.
-Spark: A sharp spark emits from the user body shaking off an attacker for one turn, if they are touching the user. If the user has the lightning blessing it will paralyze the opponent for one turn.

-Fire Breath: For this blessing, you need Fire and Breath. Then in battles you can combine them both to make this awesome blessing. Fire flows out of the attacker’s mouth, scorching the other, yet not harming the attacker.
-Water Breath: For this blessing, you need Water and Breath. Then in battles you can combined them both to make this awesome blessing. Water flows out of the attacker’s mouth, soaking the other, yet not harming the attacker. The soaked character will find it hard to move as quickly especially if they have thick fur as water will weigh them down. It also makes it hard to fly. If an ice blessing is used after this then the character can suffer frostbite.
-Ice: This blessing can turn small amounts of water into ice. Must be used near water or puddles. This can freeze Water Breath attacks.
-Lightning: This blessing can summon lightning storms which the summoner has no control over. Alternatively, it can create small electric attacks that stun but will not kill the target.
-Fly: This blessing allows a creature to fly With or Without wings.
-Ice Beam: This blessing allows the user to shoot a directed beam of ice at the opponent from their mouth. More powerful than Ice and more likely to do damage.
-Growth: This blessing makes you grow 2 ft bigger but wears off after two moves in a battle. Outside of a battle it lasts longer.
-Jelly Beans: This blessing allows you to attacks with jelly beans or can be used as a wholesome source of food. Attacking doesn't really hurt, unless of course you aim for the eyes!
-Teleport: This blessing teleports the user a little way off. However if you have had the blessing for a while you can teleport a bit farther. Can teleport if the user is holding objects but only if the user is experienced.
-Star: This blessing gives you the knowledge to look into the stars and predict things from them. How good you are at reading them is another matter...
-Mer Creature: This blessing allows your character to turn into a mer-creature (like a mermaid etc, but a mer-whatever species it is). This affect will last a day or until the user stops using the blessing.
-Morning Wake: This blessing acts as a counter to the Nightmare blessing. The character prevents sleep and actually feels more refreshed giving them a bit more energy.
-Sweet Dreams: This blessing can be used on other creatures but not on the actual blessing holder. It allows another creature to slip into a restful sleep, recovering minor injuries. Cannot be used in battle.
-Me: This blessing makes a double of your character, lasts for a couple of weeks. If the copy dies, the main character also dies. If the main character dies, the copy also dies. The copy cannot use any blessings. Any pain inflicted on the copy will be felt by the real one and vice versa. The two are connected with a sort of minor form of the Blood Bond Blessing.
-Gift Giver: This blessing acts as a curse to the character that owns it. It slowly decays the body of the character so that every two months the character dies. This blessing once attached to a character can never be removed, unless Trickster is used upon the character. However, even when 'cured' the character is still a carrier. If the character this blessing is attached to gets eaten then Gift Giver infects the eater as well as the original character. This is the case too even if the character is 'cured' by Trickster.
-Aviary: This blessing either allows the user to transform into a small songbird for a minimum of an hour or summons many small birds. In songbird form, the user cannot use any blessings.
-Dance with Demons: This blessing summons illusionary demons. If any of these demons touches another character they are 'cursed'. These demons only last a few minutes at most (a maximum of two turns per battle). Curses last a whole month. This curse affects the characters state of mind and can cause them to go crazy or try and end their life. If they do manage to live through the curse they are cured at the end of the month. However, it might leave them with emotional damage but heightened senses.
-Trickster: The one cure to Gift Giver.
-Immortal Youth: For 24 hours you revert back to a puppy, only works on nights with no moon. During this time the user cannot chose to turn back into an adult but still has control of any blessings they had. Does Not Work on Mythicals.
-Cape of Shadows: This blessing only works in the dark. Makes it impossible to tell where you end and shadows begin; only seemingly disembodied eyes and fangs may be seen.
-Rain of Sporks!: Rejoice! Summons sporks to fall from the sky. Distracting or for fun.
-Jelly Bean of Indigestion: A rather distasteful bean and it knows it. This jellybean will make its way to your stomach whether through your nose, or mouth, or it will haunt you forever trying to find its way into your stomach. If it manages to get into your stomach the target will be very sick for 2 weeks.
-The Birds: This blessing summons a mini tornado of nit picking sparrows to temporarily surround and confuse your opponent. If used outside battle the sparrows can follow you around
-Terra Cell: This blessing makes a cage made of rock comes up from the ground, closing at the top, trapping the blessing user and whoever is in a 10 meter radius inside with no escape. The only ways out of the rock cage is to knock out the user or the user chooses to demolish the barrier. Cannot be teleported out of.
-Dark Haze: This blessing makes a black cloud falls down over the battle making it impossible for the opponent(s) to see for 1 turn. User is unaffected but any allies also will be blinded. The only way to dissipate it early is to use Sun based blessings.
-Wind Channel: This blessing gives control of the wind. At first this merely creates draughts, however after much practice it can be used to move small objects.
-Blinding Light: Blinds the Target completely for two turns in battle or for half a day in RP time. Enacts directly on the body so it cannot be dodged unless counter blessing is used.
-Thunderous Noise: Deafens the Target completely for two turns in battle or for half a day in RP time. Enacts directly on the body so it cannot be dodged unless counter blessing is used.
-Restoring Sight: Restores vision to creatures that had Blinding Light on them.
-Sounding: Restores hearing to creatures that had Thunderous Noise on them.
- Plant Life: Summons plants and vines to entrap your opponent. The binds can be teleported out of and also burned to allow your character to escape. However if burned then your character will be burnt a little as well.
-Spitfire: Allows the user to spit a fire ball at the opponent. Can cause mouth burns to the user if not careful.
-Nimbus: Summons a cloud. This can either engulf the enemy for two rounds (max of one use per battle) or be used as a means of transport for the user (can be used throughout the day in this form). This form of transport is far slower than use of the Fly blessing however. Can be teamed up with lightning blessings, so watch out anyone underneath!
-Moon Dust: Can only be used at night. It makes dust particles fall from the moon causing general panic as everyone else thinks the moon is dissolving. However, excessive use of this blessing may lead to concerns of this actually happening.
-Ice Gaze: This has the power to freeze any one thing for the span of 10 minutes at will, but it can only be used out of self-defence and not for aggression and never misses. Cannot be used in battle.
-Regain: For 3 turns the target’s tiredness and smaller injuries ease slowly away. Larger injuries heal slightly, but are not completely free of pain. Leaves you feeling nice and refreshed. Cannot be used if you don’t have enough energy left.
-Telepathy: Can be used by mutes, underwater, or in a situation that a character is gagged and cannot talk, telepathy uses brain waves to form a 'voice' in the open that can be heard by anyone, and controlled the same way by using a voice, if not a bit more fine tuned (whispering is very quiet and can be put "next" to the person they want, yelling can amplify the voice for a few miles, etc)
It can also replace one's normal voice, but this can cause a character to become mute.
-Stone Wall: single wall of stone goes up either, in front, behind, left or right side of the character, potentially blocking an attack. This wall will shatter after being hit with an attack. If one possesses the Earth blessing Stone wall can cover all four sides of a character.
-Throwing Stones: The character can pick up rocks with energy and toss them at the opponent, these rocks cannot be bigger than the human sized fist, can also be as small as pebbles. Only 3 larger rocks can be picked up at a time, or a light shower of pebbles. If one possesses the blessing for an extended time and uses it often, they can throw large boulders.
-Boiling Blade: Allows user to shoot a 'x' shaped blade of boiling water at the opponent. Can be difficult for the user to control and so may be likely miss.
-Stubborn Resistance: A character possessing this blessing can not be inflicted with the 'Fear' blessing.
-Fear: Makes the character it is used on fear everything, even their own shadow. Lasts one day (if the character can last that long!)

-Dragon Heart: This blessing gives you a rush of strength in battle. It can make you jump twice as high, fly more speedily or run quicker than you usually would. However this increased ability only lasts for two turns and makes you more drained of energy afterwards.
-Death: This blessing can kill any creature, yet can only be used once. Enables directly on the target’s body making it impossible to dodge.
-Death Stop: This blessing blocks the Death blessing. Can only be used once.
-Life: This blessing restores life. Only can be used once.
-Life Dissolve: This blessing removes any Life blessings from a character. Only can be used once.
-Moon Crest: This blessing allows you to morph into a were that is seven feet tall. Only works on full moons.
-Rock: This blessing allows you to morph into a rock. How long this can last depends on your characters age. The older they are, the longer they will remain a rock.
-Egg: This blessing allows you to morph into an egg. If you get crushed in this form you will die.
-Wound Healer: This blessing heals minor scratches, poisonings etc.
-Heal: This blessing heals Large wounds ONLY.
-Bond: This blessing creates a mental telepathic link between two creatures. Can only be used by the blessing owner with the agreement of the second participant in the bond, as once formed, this bond can never be dissolved.
-Feeder: The creature with this blessing can feed another hurt creature using unknown powers to keep the character well fed. THE USER CAN'T FEED ITSELF!
-Tiger Lily: This allows a creature to turn into a tiger for an hour, but if used more than twice in one day, the blessing will disappear.
-Bush Fire: This blessing starts an intense fire. It must be used near flammable objects (trees etc). It is almost impossible to put out unless caught early. It will take days to go out naturally, depending on the weather etc. Is the much more powerful form of the Fire Blessing.
-The Mighty Misaco: This blessing turns you into a fat blue back dragon for one day. Then, the blessing dissolves and you return to original form.
-Illusion: This blessing allows the user to create illusions of either themselves, or make the area seem dense with trees. Confuses the opponent or makes them think they have gone mad.
-Üaæzzöú: This blessing has the power to break any illusions.
-Contort: This scrambles the thoughts of any given creature and causes them to obey the commands given for approximately 2 days.
-Contortionist: Blocks the Contort blessing.
-Arakave: This blessing gives the ability to heal life threatening injuries.
-Smells like Pickles: This turns the user into a pickle, or can produce pickles to eat or throw. It is fairly useless.
-Spirit Flames: This evil blessing dissolves a spirit or a ghost. The Spirit can be kept but cannot be played until brought back to Life.
-Who Likes Parmesean: This make yourself smell like stinky cheese. Other characters cannot stand the smell so must retreat. You may find the affects linger over the next few weeks and find it very hard to get close to anyone.
-Freedom: This blessing allows a character to flee from a fight and be teleported to their pack, den, or gang.
-Falling Chair: This blessing turns your character into a chair and well... falls OR it creates a chair which follows your character around the mountain.
-Cheese Parts: This blessing changes one of the opponents body parts (i.e. nose, ear, paw, even a whole leg) into a block of cheese of the users choosing. It is also good in scaring an opponent who does not possess the blessing because of the drool the oozes from the users mouth. Be warned the change is permanent, though it is delicious. The body part in question is liable to fall off if allowed to decay which is inevitable after two weeks. However up until that point it still works. It directly effects the target and cannot be dodged.
-Restore: This blessing restores a body part turned into cheese or snow into a fully functional part again.
-Vampire Heart: This blessing dramatically changes a character for as long as they live. If they die and are restored to life they become normal again. This blessing can be used on another character or on your own. It basically makes teeth grow longer and more pointy, the lust for blood becomes stronger and daylight can dramatically affect how well the character can function. In some serious cases of direct sunlight, characters have burnt to death. The character can be killed by sunlight, the death blessing or a stake. If a character inflicted with Vampire Heart bites another, the other character gets inflicted too. However, if the next inflicted character bites another, it will not pass on again. The blessing must be originally be given by an admin or high ranked creature to be able to be passed on once. The recipient of it being passed on cannot carry it on.
-Sunlight: This blessing directs a beam of bright sunlight towards the opponent. However it is hard to control and if the user doesn't cover their eyes they stand a chance of being blinded for a few days. When used on an opponent it can stun them, blind them or burn off all their fur. It also kills creatures under the influence of Vampire Heart. This blessing does not work when there is no sunlight. If used when overcast or at night there will be no effect.
-Invisibility: The power to become invisible. Any objects on the character however, such as jewellery, will not be invisible. This state lasts for an hour the first time used, then half an hour the second time used. The third time is used it only works for ten minutes.
-Oommonine: This blessing blocks the use of any common blessings used against a character in battle. However this particular blessing can itself only be used once per battle. So after blocking one common blessing, it cannot block any more from the same fight.
-Shadow: This blessing allows a character to melt into shadows and travel within them as long as they join up. This doesn't make them invisible but just very, very hard to spot.
-Wolf's Bane: Moon Crest user can change into their were-form whenever they want. Must have Moon Crest Blessing.
-Mirror Field: This blessing creates a force field around the character blocking and rebounding any common blessings used against the character sending it back at the attacker. This shield doesn't protect against physical attacks or any blessings higher ranked than common.
-Biotic: Allows the user to either transform into a plant or take on a plant's ability to absorb water and sunlight. When in plant form, the user is highly fragile, but can camouflage perfectly into their surroundings. When simply taking on the plant's abilities, the user's skin is more susceptible to physical wounding and tears. However, both forms allow the user to use sunlight and water as food sources and can heal minor to moderate injuries and wounds over time.
-Sunblock: A character equipped with Vampire Heart can venture into sunlight without being burned or weakened. Must have Vampire Heart first.
-Berserker: This makes your opponent slip into a mindless rage in which they attack themselves savagely. Enacts directly on the target and cannot miss.
-Feral: The only counter to Berserker. It absorbs the Berserker blessing, heightening the user's attack power and speed for three turns in the battle.
-Mega Impact: Stores up all the energy from blessings used against you for the past few hits. Although you still get injured from them, they combine to be an effective physical counterattack, summoning forth all that stored up energy when you release the full power of this blessing. If 3 blessings were used, the target’s moves will be faster for that turn. If 4 Blessings were used, strength is increased and speed is greater for one turn. If 5 or More blessings were used then the user will have dragon heart strength and quick speed for one turn if 5 blessings were used two turns if 6 were used etc.
-Inferno: Engulfs the user's body in flames that do not hurt the user but will hurt the attacker if touched and cause any flammable object you touch to catch fire.
-Indignation: Powerful lightning bolts strikes and blasts around the user covering a diameter of 5 meters [appx. 15 ft] with the user in the center. Anyone caught in this attack will be paralyzed from the sheer power, or killed if the user has Spark and Lightning Blessings. If they do not have the two blessings this attack paralyzing for 2 rounds if target is within 1 meters, is paralyzing for 1 round if within 3 meters and stun making it hard to move if past that. If they do have Spark and Lightning, this blessing will kill anyone within 1 meter of the user, the other effects remain the same. This attack does some harm to the user, stunning him or her after using it and the user can even lose control entirely if overly tired or having a lapse of concentration.
-Absolute: A small group of sharp, ice pillars blasts up from the ground under the foe. Ice Only comes out of the ground, no where else.
-Lava: A blessing long lost, rediscovered after the eruption of a long dormant volcano. The user can create, breath and manipulate the flow of lava, but must have Earth and Fire for this blessing to work.
-Tidal Wave: This blessing can only be used near large bodies of water. This causes a large wave to crash. It can cause harm to the user as well as others.
-Bind: This blessing casts a clear snake-like wrap around an opponents legs binding them in place. Cannot Teleport Out of the Binds but can teleport with them.
-Acidity: This blessing releases a burst of acid that can melt through almost anything. Ouch! If dodged, the acid pool stays on the ground and so anyone who stumbles into it is very unlucky to say the least.
-Greenpaw Vine Edition: This blessing summons vines to sprout out of the ground and temporarily restrain an opponent. These bindings cannot be teleported out of.
-Fiery Spork of DOOM: He who possess the fiery spork of doom is a mighty warrior indeed! Throw towards your foe and summon a scorching rain of fire, ow. Your foe will be badly burned.
-Nightmare: This blessing puts the opponent in a deep sleep for a couple of minutes. However if made to bleed in this short space of time they wake up instantly. This blessing also causes a sense of confusion once waking up, making attacks less likely to hit. Therefore this blessing is best for those creatures who want to make a quick escape or take advance of poor reflex reactions of their opponent.
-Meteor: Shooting stars go across the sky for a short time. Use this to impress friends, family, or loved ones! This blessing also can make meteors fall from the heavens onto the battlefield for two turns. Dangerous for both the user and opponent.
-Breeze: The user creates a whirlwind to carry away the opponent, thus ending the battle.
-Dragon Summoner: Calls One of your mythicals to you to aide you in battle.
-Whirlpool: Whirlpool can only be used in or near water, it has the ability to drown both victims if both are in water. The blessing creates a powerful whirlpool which can instantly drown the victim if not equip with blessings needed to survive, the whirlpool lasts for 3 turns, and has no known block other than out swimming (nearly impossible), or simply surviving. Any electrical or fire attacks will be thrown back at victims due to the nature of a spinning whirlpool.
-Jalur Kutukan: This blessing at first appears to have no affect on the opponent. However this is far from the case. Those who use this blessing on someone else can track them wherever they go by just concentrating hard enough. This makes it easy to catch them when they are unaware, asleep or far from allies. A very nasty blessing. There is only one way to break the curse and that is Jalur Kutukan Angkat.
-Jalur Kutukan Angkat: This blessing breaks the curse of Jalur Kutukan.
-Lock: Makes it so that any blessing the user has the opponent can’t use for three turns. Ex: User Has Fire, Teleport and Fly the opponent cannot use those blessings if they have them.
-Key: Reverses the effects of Lock.
-Greenpaw Seed Edition: A hundred seeds appear on the ground and when stepped on or around by anyone other than the user they explode. The explosions are not big enough to blow off any limbs but can severe some toes and cause cuts along the underside of the body.
-Empathy: This blessing allows a character to influence the feelings of those around them, to a degree (eg: cannot turn love into hate or disgust into pleasure) Alternatively, it allows other a character to be more keen to other's emotions. They can't read the thoughts of the other character in any way, but they can tell HOW they are feeling more easily.
-Stalagmite: Sharp stone shoots up from the ground in a spike, almost impossible to detect until it happens.
-Sand Storm: A strong dust storm billows up, can badly damage eyes, and burns when the dust hits wounds. Only lasts 2 turns.
-Darkness: Blinds the target permanently. Enacts directly on the Target’s Body making it impossible to dodge.
-Deliverance: Restores vision to anyone who is blind. This includes those who have had Darkness used on them, and creatures that were born blind.
-Silence: Deafens the target permanently.  Enacts directly on the Target’s Body making it impossible to dodge.
-Spoken: Restores hearing to anyone who is deaf. This includes those who have had Silence used on them, and creatures that were born deaf.
-Temptation: This blessing makes the target see something they really want which isn't really there. They focus on one thing (such as a certain tree branch, but the target sees it as the thing they really want) and run over to it. When they get to whatever it is, they are so distracted that they cannot see anything else, and are stuck there for two turns.
-Eclipse: The moon covers the sun, causing the target to be blinded for a few minutes (2 turns) until the moon uncovers the sun. Only this is an illusion. The illusion only affects one target, no one else, so if it was a two-on-two battle, the user would have to choose which opponent.
-Snare Wind: Allows the user to summon a gust of wind which surrounds the opponent. The wind is so strong that it holds them in place, not allowing them to use an attack for one turn. However, it also prevents anyone else accessing them too as they cannot get through the wind.
-Attractive "Smooth Criminal": This blessing makes other characters like you and trust you more. Hmm, that could be useful if you've got a few tricks up your sleeve...

-§îðñ: The most legendary of all blessing. It gives the power to change form to anything imaginable. It is the only blessing in a tangible form, an orb-like object. It is rumoured to also hold the power of all possible blessings. It is thought to maintain all life on Wolf Mountain, especially that of mythicals which is why they were able to flourish. If anything were to happen to this blessing pure havoc and terror would no doubt result. (Unabtainable by anyone other than the Alpha of the Cyan Nation. If you lose the position of Alpha, this blessing will be unable to be used by your character any longer)
-Billððíìãå: This blessing can destroy all blessings that an opponent has. However, if the opponent also has Billððíìãå and uses it in defence, the two blessings destroy each other, therefore protecting any other blessings the character has.
-Ioai: This blessing gives you the power to explode but stay alive. One often wonders how it is possible, yet is unwilling to try it...
-Yiola: This blessing gives the power to bless other creatures with blessings (Only the Alpha and Royal Family Members can obtain this blessing)
-Tillona: This allows you to heal a broken bone.
-Sa¤çûijhd: This blessing kills the user and opponent. The dead characters are unable to come back, even with Life blessing but can remain as spirits.
-ψiaieωije: This extends a mythical's life by two years. Can be used on spirited creatures once combined with a Life blessing.
-JjieΐΐwЖnw∞: This decreases a mythical's life by two years. Although this blessing won't directly kill a mythical, if their death date is met once using this blessing they have a month before they pass away.
-Illunion: This allows illusions to be used without getting as tired. Has to be used with an illusion type blessing.
-Nonoviparium: This can only be possessed only by non-mythicals, which, when used on a mythical, renders them sterile. One Use Only.
-Dead Head: If used on a Duality Dragon one of their heads dies so it has to drag it around. It cannot come back to life, even with use of the Life blessing. If used on anything else it has no effect. Enacts directly on the Target’s body making it impossible to dodge.
-The Singlis-Rhaniqin Blessing: This blessing can only be possessed by the Singlis-Rhaniqin. It gives it the ability to kill either a Dragon or a Gryphon every three months. Enacts directly on the Target’s body making it impossible to dodge.
-Phoenix Fire: This blessing allows the character to escape death. When the character is near death, they use this blessing to burst into flame. Their entire body is consumed but once the fire burns down they continue to live. This blessing can even counteract the effects of the Death and Singlis-Rhaniqun blessings. However it can only be used once.
-Ëÿëš-főŗ-Ÿŏů: This blessing allows the user to gain control over another wolf, however this leaves their own body in a useless state. They can leave control at any time. However if their own body is attacked whilst in this state they are forced away from control. A character that has this blessing used on them can fight back. The more blessings they have the more chance they will be able to break free. 5 blessings or more will allow them momentary freedom for a few seconds. 12 or more will allow a little more chance to break it. A whole set (for example, all of the common blessings or all of the uncommon blessings etc) will increase the chance to break free much more quickly. However if weak or injured, chances to break free are reduced substantially. If they do break free they feel dozy and weak. If the opponent casts this blessing again on them the same day, they will have less chance to break free, regardless of blessing number. The two characters MUST be touching to allow for this blessing to work in the first place.
-Ijáï-Mïrrïoïr-Ijáï: Once used in a battle, a character copies the previous blessing move of their opponent to attack. The do not need to possess the relevant blessing. Any tiring effects do not occur.
-Ancient: When used on a character it ages the character physically by two years. Cannot be used on Mythicals.
-Ẏṏṹẗẚ: Decreases the physical age of a character by 2 years. If a character that has this used on them is less than 2 years of age, the character dies instantly and when brought back to life is a young pup once more. Cannot Be used on Mythicals.
-Fog: This can cause a foggy mist to appear, making other blessing attacks useless for three moves.
-Cross Bones 'n' Skulls: Cross Bones 'n' Skulls, is an illusionist blessing. When afflicted on a victim sends them into a hallucinated state. The outside world is very much aware of this character and their meanderings. The victim, however, believes and walks and acts as if they are in a wasteland of decaying and decayed creatures (human and animal alike). In this state the victim only sees the wasteland and could in fact eat anything in the real world to feed themselves. The effects lasts a full 24 hours, but can be broken early by someone from the outside world drawing blood from the victim. If the victim draws blood themselves, either by biting, falling, or tripping, they will believe it was all in the wasteland. Once freed they are fully aware of where they been and believes it was a real place. Some creatures are forever scarred by this depending on age or mental development when afflicted.
-Eternal Death: This blessing acts like the Death Blessing in that this blessing can kill any creature. This blessing however is different than the Death blessing in that once used and upon killing the target Life blessings do not work on him/her. But once killed by Eternal Death, that same character can never have it used on them again. Enacts directly on the target’s body making it impossible to dodge.
-Living Force: This blessing restores the life of any character it is used on and also can restore the life of a character that was killed with the Eternal Death Blessing. This blessing can also protect those who are being attacked by the Eternal Death blessing, making it so that creature that was protected by Living Force can never have Eternal Death used on them again.


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