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Fazzle's Charrie Sheet

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Fazzle's Charrie Sheet

Post  StarPack on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:32 pm

Name: Fazzle
Age: 3 Years
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf

Origin: WM - Weary Lake
Alliance: Neutral
Pack Affiliation: Glacier Nation
Signature: *=Trigger=*

Appearance: Mostly brown with markings of red around the base of his neck and tail. Has a dark diamond shape and stripes over his muzzle. His eyes are brown and his muzzle, throat, underbelly, and legs are white.
Persona: Mostly kind to those who deserve it and vicious in battle. Believes you should befriend Mythicals, and not bend them to your will. He is completely devoted to Glacier, even though most of his family is Cyan. His siblings and him were stolen and taken to Glacier and raised.

Mate: Tris
Offspring: None
Family: Flaming Rose[Mother], Black Rain[Father], Taboo[Brother], Ashe[Sister], Alice[Sister], Aster[Brother], Axel[Brother], Sylverant[Sister], Corrine[Sister], Tethe'Alla[Sister]

Acquaintances: Rue, Loki, Tris, Trenee, Perun, Flaming Rose, Black Rain, Taboo, Ashe, Alice, Kite, Anex, Kino, Aster
Foes: Zero, Hendri, Xeniu
Mythicals: Unnamed(Welsh Green Dragon)
Blessings: Fire, Breath, Water, Earth, Spark, Infest, Iron, Agile, Mitternacht, Fire Breath, Water Breath, Lightning, Ice Beam, Ice, Fly, Star, Swap, Teleport, Cape of Shadows, Terra Cell, Plant Life, Spitfire, Regain, Boiling Blade, Fear, Dragon Heart, Yiola, Illinion, Eternal Death, Death, Death Stop, Life, Wolf's Bane, Moon Crest, Heal, Bush Fire, Spirit Flames, Freedom, Shadow, Indignation, Absolute, Bind
Miscellaneous: None

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