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Cailean's Charrie Sheet

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Cailean's Charrie Sheet

Post  Cailean on Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:36 pm

Name: Cailean(KA-lin)
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Age: One and a half years


Rank: Apprentice
Pack: Cyan Mountain
Side: Neutral
Signature: {Forever*Young}


Appearance: His fur is purely alabaster, with streaks of charcoal black coloring into it. His eyes are dark emerald green. His coat is fluffy and soft, and his build is growing to be stronger, and his lithe shape allows him to reach fast speeds.
Persona: This young wolf is full of spirit. He is quite curious and inquisitive. He is very outgoing and he loves to be around others.
Weight: 56 LBS
Height: 2' 3'
Health: He is still growing, and very healthy


Mate: None
Offspring: None
Family: Atlas[Mother], Renzai[Father]
Mentor: Ubu

Blessings: Fire
Mythicals: None
Misc.: Wears a small bracelet around his left front paw

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