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Cyan Mountain Pack

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Cyan Mountain Pack

Post  StarPack on Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:28 pm

Pack Name: Cyan Mountain Pack
Known as: Cyan Mountain Nation
Current Alpha: Rue
Current Territory: Large range of forest and mountain areas, is very abundant with new places to be explored.


Pack Stats
Member Count: 19
Males: 10
Females: 9
Newest Member: Cailean
Website: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Pack Colors: Cyan and Black and White
Pack Song: I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz)
Pack Poem: Contest Will be Held
Pack Allies: Cold Winds Valley Pack, Eyes of the Clans, The Tropical Skys Pack
Pack Rivals: -

Pack Goals for WQ Thread
* - Reached
! - Not Reached

5 Posts - *
20 Posts - !
75 Posts - !
100 Posts - !
500 Posts - !
1 Pack Ally - *
1 Pack Enemy - !
5 Pack Allies - !
5 Pack Enemies - !

Pack Rules and Requirements
- Be respectful to all members
- Alpha's word is law
- Welcoming both genders and all ages
- Must be above 5 on activity to be accepted


Alpha: Usually the strongest and most powerful male in the Royal Family. He makes all the decisions. Whatever he says goes, he can be challenged for power of the pack, but is very difficult to defeat him.

Rue - Male - Gems: Infinity


Royal Family: This group is the close family of the Alpha, they are very strong and hold high political power over the Nation. Do not make the final decisions but have a rather large say in them.

Trenee - Female - Gems: Infinity
Perun - Male- Gems: Infinity


Dresden Family: This group is the smart and strong family within the pack that is not related to the Alpha and have no political say.

Ari - Female - Gems: 107
Rin - Female - Gems: 104


Cyan Mountain Army Members: This is the high trained empire that the Dresden Family has high authority over. This group of fighters is usually made up of all males, but females who show talent are gladly accepted.

Aster - Male - CAPTAIN - Gems: 56
Black Rain - Male - CAPTAIN - Gems: 53
Ubu - Male - LUETENANT - Gems: 50
Achilles - Male - LUETENANT - Gems: 50


Medical Team: This is the high trained group of medically taught creatures. They serve as healers to anyone in the nation who gets sick or injured. The Royal Family has direct authority over this team.

Flaming Rose - Female - CAPTAIN - Gems: 53


Commoners: These are simple villagers who decide to live in the village outside of the castle where the High Families make their home. They stay because they wish for the protection of the army and medical team.

Xenui - Male - Gems: 16
Hendri - Female - Gems: 11


Apprentices: This is a group of commoners that are younger than a year old, training to become part of the militia or medical team. They do not always graduate, and if they don't they are forced to remain a commoner or become a loner.

Kino - Female - MEDICAL - Gems: 25 [Mentor: Flaming Rose]
Cailean - Male - ARMY - Gems: 25 [Mentor: Ubu]


Yearlings: These are creatures within the pack that are younger than a year old, they are not strong enough to become Apprentices. If they are children of Commoners, they stay with their family. If they are children of anyone within the High Families or the Army/Medic, they can wonder the dens of the High Castle and the Commoner Village as they wish.

Sylverant - Female
Corrine - Female
Tethe'Alla - Female
Axel - Male


Elders: Wolves who have served the Nation for a very long time and have earned many seasons of rest and retirement.


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