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Post  StarPack on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:19 pm

I wanted to make a few important announcements, one of which I think is just common courtesy but apparently needs to be mentioned anyway. All of you should know that speaking badly of someone behind their back is never the right thing to do. Whether you're in middle school, high school, college, out of college, or on the internet. No one likes being talked badly about, I've never heard someone say "Oh yeah, i LOVE it when people say mean things about me when I'm not around!" If you wouldn't like it if people spoke about you, don't speak about them. Please. Especially on the chatbox, where many people go on to have fun. There's no need for behavior that could potentially hurt others feelings. Stay away from talking about people at all, really, because you don't know whether your 'harmless joke' actually offends them if they see it. The admins and members do watch the chatbox and ARE prepared to warn people or take away privileges. I didn't think I would have to make an announcement about something like this. But if we see it, we will take action. It is important for all of our members to be in a safe, fun environment, and talking badly about people- whether face to face or "behind their back" just causes unneeded stress and drama that no one really likes. Thank you!

Additionally, I will create secret pack topics. You will only be able to see your Clan's secret board, that's how they were created. I've placed a topic in them outlining some key notes that I would like you all to read, which are very important. These boards were made so Packs could secretly prepare to attack in attempts to take over other land or cause general tension. However, before making an attack please contact the leaders so we know what is going on and can moderate the events. The way fighting will work will be outlined in another post under General RP Info, it is expected that you will read it when it is put up. Any posts that break the rules will be deleted, if you continuously break the rules you may be asked to sit out of the event.


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