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Pack Rules

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Pack Rules

Post  StarPack on Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:56 am

1. To take over the pack, you must Challenge the Alpha. If no new posts are made for at least four days, then you can take the pack as your own.

2. Mythical Species cannot own Packs

3. Pack wars are permitted.

4. As well as this, a challenge can be made to an existing alpha by more than one character working together to overthrow the leadership. However, this must be fair on each side, for example, if their are two challengers working together, the alpha must have a pack member fighting with him or her too. The alpha cannot refuse to fight one-on-one but can refuse to fight against more than one opponent.

5. If a pack Alpha is unable to get on for ten days due to real life issues or unable to get online, they can post in their pack saying so, and will not be challenged during that time. However if this happens on too often as an excuse rather than a real circumstance the decision may be taken out of your hands and the pack given to the challenger.

Packs hunt, battle and train together and if one member is ill the others will take care of them. If you are not part of a pack you will live life as a lone which you may find harder. Once accepted by an alpha into a pack your character can gain one uncommon blessing of your choice. However, an alpha can also banish a creature from their pack lands, forcing them back to be a lone wolf again. Any inactive creatures in a pack will be thrown out. Please be active in your pack!

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