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Mythical Rules

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Mythical Rules

Post  StarPack on Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:17 am

1. Post the Following;

-Name of mythical (Name of your Mythical)
-Name of mythical's owner (Which of your Characters will be owning this Mythical?)
-Gender of mythical (What Gender is the Mythical?)
-Side of mythical (eg. good, neutral, evil)
-Species of mythical (griffin, type of dragon, etc)
-Birthdate of mythical (What day did your character earn/receive this creature?)
-Parents of mythical (The names of the Mythicals you received this one from, or if you won it from contest, say: "LW" here)

2. If there is any problem in the Mythical Records or a Mythical you signed up, post it in the Problems Board in Registration.

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