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Points/System and Full Rank List

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Points/System and Full Rank List

Post  StarPack on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:48 pm

You may or may not have noticed that when you post messages on this forum, below Stats there are four symbols that look like this: ♒☼. These symbols represent each of the Packs: Cyan and Glacier, respectively. You may also have noticed that there is a blue bar beneath that, and then a 0/15 underneath that bar. This is a very important aspect of the forum, believe it or not!

What the symbols mean
Basically they are a levelling system. You earn these symbols for participating in contests, role-playing, posting a lot and generally being a great member of the forums. Alphas give them out to the members of their own Pack for hard-work, loyalty, and other important qualities. They can also be deducted for bad behavior. You level up to different ranks after you earn all the symbols for that rank. This is explained further below.

Ranks & Requirements

In order to advance to the next rank, you must earn all of the points as well as fulfill the requirements.

Yearling - 0/10
Requirements to advance to Apprentice:
● Have at least 5 posts in role-play & 20 posts on the website (altogether).

Apprentice - 0/20
Requirements to advance to Private Army/Medic Member:
● Have at least 15 posts in role-play & 30 posts on the website (altogether).
● Earn 30/60 in three skills

Private Army/Medic Member - 0/10
Requirements to advance to Luetenant Army/Medic Member:
● Have at least 100 posts on the website
● Earn 40/60 in two skills(can be what you learned as an apprentice), or at least 10/60 in two other skills that you have not yet begun learning.

Luetenant Army/Medic Member - 0/30
Requirements to advance to Captain Army/Medic Member:
● Have at least 250 posts on the website
● Have mentored at least 1 apprentice.
● Earn 45/60 in two skills, and master one skill

Captain Army/Medic Member - 0/40
Requirements to advance to Elder:
● Have mentored at least 2 apprentices
● Have 400+ posts on the website
● Be extremely active


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