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Trenee walked around her den. Her tail flicking as she thought about the now growing population of Cyan Mountain. Her brother, Rue, was building an army; a nation. Under which the §îðñ, the most powerful blessing. It cannot be obtained but controls the use and life of the blessings and mythicals over the Mountain. Her fur was fluffy and white with gray tabby-like markings. Her appearance took after that of her mother, Rue had taken their father's look. She rolled her ocean blue eyes at the thought of her littermate, he was a good leader. Not too fair and too cruel.

She lifted her head and stalked out of the dim stone cave in which she made her home. She lived within the Royal Family Den-site, a stone hollow which was in the heart of the Nation. A five minute walk from here was the Dresden Family Den-site, and a ten minute walk from their was the Commoner Village. Their were no commoners, for now it was just her and her brother. The next family to arrive would probably get the award of Dresden house. Laughing, she remembered the Army base was about a twenty minute walk from the Royal House. The base was a clearing surrounded and hidden by four walls of bramble, it was where Rue planned to train young soliders. It'd be where they slept, ate, and lived. Trenee almost felt sorry for the creatures about to roam into the trap of militia.

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